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replica Balenciaga bags are constructed of goat leather which is both supple and strong. The most unique aspect of the Balenciaga leather is the process used to coat and color the leather which results in a distinctively high sheen. The glossy look, even in their bright colors, just adds to the urban flavor of this brand's design aesthetic. Braided goat leather straps for the bags are durable, beautiful, and supple.

No two Balenciaga bags are the same because each bag is handcrafted by skilled artisans. There are long wait lists for some of the most popular handbags because of the time it takes to create them by hand. Each bag is crafted in Italy, not outsourced to China, which does make this brand truly unique in the handbags industry, even among many of the other high end designer lines these days.

In addition to the Balenciaga signature "classy motorcycle" look, there is one feature which is a signature of the brand: the from pocket. In almost all of the handbags and wallets, there is a front zippered pocket, often with buckles and studded hardware. The studded hardware is sometimes covered in leather creating a more subtle look. The silver hardware, on the other hand, stands out by declaring the biker style which is the signature look of the line. The Balenciaga fashion line has come into mainstream media attention only within the last decade or so; however, this brand is hardly a flash in the pan. These handbags are sought after by celebrities and fashionistas with the appeal only gaining in momentum. Offering a chic look for the modern age, Balenciaga handbags are suitable only for young casual outfits, but are suitable for more formal or professional events as well. High quality construction, fashion forward design, and signature trend setting styling will continue to make fake Balenciaga handbags the "it" bags for years to come.


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Balenciaga bags have gained popularity from around the world over the recent years. Many celebrities and socialites are seen carrying a fabulous Balenciaga handbag. A lot of girls dream of owning one.

It was during the early 1900s when Cristobal Balenciaga started the Balenciaga factory in San Sebastian, Spain. A few years later, its brand name reached the major cities of Madrid and the fashion capital of the world, Paris. Since then, Balenciaga has been creating fashionable and high quality Balenciaga Bags for women all over the globe.

Demand of fashion for traveling bags all over the world, designer Balenciaga bags can no longer waiting for others like Gucci Handbags occupy the market, they manufacture bags as well. Balenciaga weekender collection is especially designed for people on the go. It is huge, practical and stylish, just like its name, it is right bag for people on travel or go picnic at weekends. The bag features sumptuous lambskin, antique bronze hardware, dual rolled leather handles, and chic tassels. Remarkably, the multiple pockets and large space supply great functionality. You will be well assisted by this smart bag to have a wonderful and elegant travel. Balenciaga released crocodile weekender bags in bold colors in 2007, and they soon capture the attention of crowds. For example, the croc skin weekender bag available in bright yellow, dark brown and bright blue will definitely bring luxurious and fabulous touch to any ensemble.

It is a dream for every woman to own at least one Balenciaga bag. This is a brand that will never go out of style. A purse is where luxury meets fashion and function.


How Balenciaga handbags became big under Nicolas Ghesquiere

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If the silhouettes that accentuate a woman's body were de-shaped by Cristobal Balenciaga, who has in his credit the sack, the baby doll, the balloon skirt, the bracelet sleeve, Nicolas Ghesquière taking a cue from the Balenciaga's rich heritage introduced futuristic designs. A sack dress is embellished with piece of shantung and plastic. Ghesquière brought skinny pants, motorcycle jackets sharply tailored dresses in techno materials like embroidered latex or patent leather, gold metal "robot" leggings. Ghesquière through Balenciaga started a revolution of sorts with the dramatic shoulders on the dresses, be it voluminous, puffed, rounded or a batwing.

In 2001, he was honored with the CFDA's International Award. In January 2008, he was made a Chevalier of Arts and Letters, the highest arts accolade one can receive from the French government. In 2006, The New York Times considering his fashion achievements called him the most important designer of his generation.

Under his guidance, Balenciaga explored the menswear section and is a huge hit among the celebrities because of its edgy accessories, particularly Balenciaga handbags and colourful shoes. Fashion critics didn't took much time to shower their praises for the brand's new Autumn/Hiver 2010/2011 collection.



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In the fashion world, the Balenciaga handbags is one of the most popular one. Every product of fake Balenciaga handbag is made with professional craft and is very expensive. It the world, many people including the famous stars all would like to wait for the hadbags. There is great interest in each new Balenciaga handbag as it is produced.

The goat leather gives beautiful looking which is used by Balenciaga. Balenciaga handbags are designed for a blend of fashion, quality and function. The fashion bags provide enough room for carrying everything, and the bags are fashionable enough to be a wished accessory even if it were empty. The famous people Nicky Hilton is often seen with a replica Balenciaga handbag.

To match with your formal or informal outfit, Balenciaga handbags can have great functions. Other women will envy you while you are carrying a versace handbag, they are all having a dream to own the bag.In a word, it is to gain the fame of as a stylish woman with Balenciaga handbag.

Many women try to buy cheap imitations of valentino handbag, because they are also with high quality and stylish designs. There is a little difference between real and replica handbags, they are all made with much care.



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Due to the limited release and big demand for Balenciaga handbags, many women turn to buying them online or other secondhand sources. Replica handbags of high end designer handbags continues to rise.

The Balenciaga handbag line has a long history. In 1915 the young Spanish designer Balenciaga began designing fine fashions for some of the most notable women of the ear, including the Duchess of Windsor and the Princess of Monaco. Today the brand is most famous for its line of motorcycle-inspired handbags, especially the famous "Lariat.

Most Balenciaga bags are made from distressed goat leather that offers an appealing, slightly shiny, and very unique look. The "It" bag for the line is the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag, which offers a look that is chic, strong, and feminine all at once. The rounded rectangular bag scoops slightly below the handles and offers plenty of room. Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag designed by Nicolas Ghesquire was introduced in Balenciaga Spring 2001 collection. The Motorcycle bag is the most in trend bag and is carried by many celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Pairs Hilton. This kind of bag is usually made from Italian calf leather so that the motorcycle bag is supple and super soft. There are several features on the bag, including a removable shoulder strap, the signature trailing laces, a silver engraved identification plate and serial number. The bag usually has inside zip pockets and large compartment for convenience.

fake Balenciaga handbags and Balenciaga purses online is one thing; actually getting your hands on one is another story. These bags are released in limited numbers, and only several colors released each season. Waiting lists are pretty hefty to get these exclusive bags.


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replica Balenciaga handbags have got to be one of the most wanted brands of bags in recent years. Favoured by many celebrities, and also loved by magazine editors and fashion lovers, a Balenciaga handbag is on the wish list of many stylish women.

A bit about Balenciaga - Christobal Balenciaga opened his first boutique in 1914 in Spain. This branched out to cover more of Spain, and finally Balenciaga moved to Paris. In 2001 Balenciaga became part of The Gucci Group. Nicholas Ghesquiere was appointed Chief designer of womenswear and menswear. This was seen as slightly controversial and Ghesquiere was given a chance to prove himself with an acclaimed collection in order to keep his title. He did, and his F/W 2005 collection was extremely popular, acquiring the brand celebrity fans and huge publicity.

Ghesquiere came up with an ingenious marketing plan for the launch of his Balenciaga handbag - the "Lariat". He gave away the first 30 handbags to popular celebrities such as Kate Moss, Chloe Sevigny and Charlotte Gainsburg, who then spread the word for him and suddenly everyone was after a Balenciaga handbag.

Prices for fake Balenciaga handbags start from £800. They are sold online at (US only), and a few selected online retailers. Sometimes you may find a Balenciaga handbag on eBay, but they are normally snapped up pretty quickly and will fetch fairly high price (although probably still a lot cheaper than a new one). It is also important to be aware of fakes on sites such as eBay, any that has a cheap price tag is most likely not genuine!



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Finally, if you are take into account acquiring a designer bag , don't acquire a knock-off. Knock off Balenciaga bags are really noticeable to the bag lover and rather of strolling by you and drooling above your bag, they will walk by and laugh understanding that you're carrying about a $30 purse pretending that it's a $750 bag. With handbags, genuine is the only way to go. Genuine Balenciaga bags have become much more and far more well-liked considering that the knock-offs began to appear in the last number of many years.